The Merrell Casting Story: Past, Present and Future

Established in 1953 in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, the Merrell Casting story is one of innovation and British jewellery excellence.

Merrell Casting

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Established in 1953 in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, we value great design and are advocates for responsible mining and manufacturing.

We offer the highest quality precious metal alloying, casting, jewellery finishing and bespoke services, and provide an efficient and fast friendly service. This has enabled us to become one of Europe’s largest Jewellery manufacturers. Today, Merrell Casting is a leading A to Z service provider in the British and European jewellery sector with an unrivalled offering that fuses traditional skills with contemporary innovation.

Our designs, jewellers and casting team all seek to create jewellery products of the highest quality. We are working in collaboration with organisations such as Fairtrade and the Responsible Jewellery Council, as well as industry groups like the National Association of Jewellers, Houlden Group and the Company of Master Jewellers, to ensure we stay at the centre of our trade.

The Merrell Casting Story

We have built a business based on family values and unparalleled customer service and will always strive to accommodate customers’ requirements.

The Merrell Casting story begins with the first and second generations of the Merrell family.

As a UK based manufacturer with ‘in-house’ resources that encompass a vast array of production techniques, we are in a unique position to create anything – a one-off design from CAD files or sketches to large production orders; always utilising the best possible production techniques. We manufacture in the UK and do not import our products from overseas, so we can ensure our customer service is maintained without delay.

Our Sister Company, Hockley Mint

Our jewellery designers, from our sister company at Hockley Mint, start with sketches and convert their designs into CAD. The Merrell Casting story features innovative technologies to ensure we stay at the forefront of design and manufacturing excellence.

The Hockley Mint design team start with technical sketches before transforming their ideas into CAD files.

Our craftspeople cast, polish and finish rings for you in precious metals. Through collaboration, we can design and make any ring or cast part that you require. Design is important to us, we create classic and more innovative and unusual pieces, as well as art objects.

The Bigger Picture

We don’t just sit and let the world go by. At Merrell Casting we are proud to be an active participant in the UK jewellery industry.

We appreciate that we are part of something greater. Ours is an industry filled with specialist skills, lifetimes of service and fresh challenges that keep us on our collective toes. We enjoy sharing ideas and reflecting on the UK jewellery industry with other businesses. For this reason, Merrell Casting is an active participant in the National Association of Jewellers’ Created in the UK brand.

The Created in the UK design that can be placed as an additional mark inside jewellery, alongside hallmarks, to signal it has been made in the United Kingdom. 

This scheme allows eligible jewellery, silverware and associated products to be stamped with a unique mark to ensure the items is clearly and quickly identified as being made in the UK by a reputable jewellery business.

Why Choose British Made Jewellery?

The recent pandemic has had a global impact and the jewellery industry has not been immune. The closure of outlets coupled with factory closures and supply shortages has had a knock-on effect on global sales. Consequently, as a British manufacturer, Merrell Casting has seen a spike in demand. We believe this shows growing support for more British made jewellery. We hope that this continues as worldwide restrictions lift and more retailers appreciate domestic craftspeople and talent, like those found at Merrell Casting.

Investing in the Future

We are active participants in various industry initiatives, especially those that nurture the next generation of talent, such as Retail Jeweller magazine’s 30 under 30. We take a keen interest in sponsoring projects and participating in trade events that reveal the new routes our industry is taking, whether that’s fresh trends, technological innovations, or retail advancements.

We are incredibly proud of our past achievements, but we are equally invested in the future of jewellery manufacturing. Contemporary technology has revolutionised jewellery production, which is why we are investing to stay at the forefront of innovation.

The Merrell Casting team use many different types of equipment in the pursuit of the highest possible quality.

Over the last 10 years, we have invested huge sums to ensure Merrell Casting maintains its reputation as a go-to destination for manufacturing excellence. Our highly trained team of CAD/CAM technicians can realise complex designs that would have taken weeks, if not months, to perfect in wax; transferring them to 3D printers that are becoming more sophisticated with each passing year.

As more and more customers choose to modernise their heirloom pieces or search for complimentary designs, our 3D scanners create detailed visuals that make processes quicker and more efficient.

Elsewhere, our state-of-the-art, computer-operated CNC machines are essential for creating intricate and delicate designs for our customers. By investing in technology, we are supporting the next generation of jewellery makers with essential skills. Instead of detracting from our skilled craftsmen and women, these incredible new technologies work in tandem with our team to balance tradition and technological innovation. It is the jewellery-making knowledge and passion of our most seasoned staff members that ensure every piece leaves us beautifully finished and polished. This is one of the many things that makes the jewellery industry so timeless.

Merrell Casting managing director Gary Wroe Merrell Casting Story: Managing Director, Gary Wroe, outside our shared premises with Hockley Mint in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

We are committed to family values, providing standard-setting craftsmanship and showcasing the unbeatable skill of British craftsmen and women. We are a proud British manufacturer and passionate about keeping traditional skills alive in the industry.

Contact a member of the Merrell Casting team. Speak to us on +44 (0) 121 236 3767.

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