Merrell Casting offers the finest quality casting in every precious metal, including a same-day 5-hour casting service.

The Merrell Approach

We continually invest in the latest casting technologies to ensure our daily precious metal casting services are the most reliable and consistent around. We prioritise repeatable quality at every stage, whether you are focused on long production runs, short runs or one-off castings. We are also specialists in casting unusual pieces that fall outside the remit of jewellery, like decorative objects. Customers choose Merrell Casting for our seasoned expertise, stringent quality control and same day casting service.

Our Casting Principles

We continually invest in the latest casting technologies to ensure our daily precious metal casting services are the most reliable and consistent around.


We use vacuum wax injection and other methods to ensure accuracy, optimal metal flow and to prevent investment failures.


We can securely store your moulds for speedy repeat production runs that suit your timeframe, whether you’re a retailer or brand.


We cater to long production runs, short runs or one-off jobs to make British casting accessible to all.


We offer repeatable and trustworthy quality for long production runs for your complete peace of mind.


We cast in our full range of precious metal alloys, including gold, platinum, palladium and Fairtrade metals.


Our popular same day casting service is unmatched in the UK and takes just five hours thanks to the skill and experience of our team.

Same Day Casting

We are so proud of our same day casting service that is unmatched in the UK for its speed, efficiency and quality. If we receive your wax before 9.30am, we invest, burnout and cast the very same day and the finished casting is ready for collection or dispatch by courier at 3.00pm.

How do we do this? Our experienced casting team have adapted the usual overnight burnout process and condensed it to a much smaller timescale using advanced investment powder and furnace techniques. These processes shrink casting time to just five hours.

Your Choice of Moulds

Our customers come to us with a range of requirements, which is why our mould cutting team can adapt to create moulds from metal masters, resin, wax and physical objects. Moulds can be stored on-site in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter or returned to you with your castings.

We use vulcanised rubber as our standard moulding service, which is perfectly suited for reproducing finished jewellery or metal master models. As this vulcanising process requires heat and pressure, we recommend delicate items are moulded using our cold mould service. Find out more about both services below.

Waxing and Tree Build Up


~ The process of producing a wax reproduction from a rubber or silicone mould.

Our team take great care to ensure your waxes are free of imperfections and that moulds have been properly filled. When your wax has been thoroughly checked it is ready to be added to a ‘wax tree’ ready for investment. Tree making is a skilled process designed around ensuring optimal metal flow during the casting process and preventing investment failures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cast every day?

Yes, we cast most metals daily. Platinum is cast Tuesday to Friday. Same day service is offered daily on all metals except 18k red and silver. Speak to our casting department for further advice and guidance.

Do you cast in non-precious metals?

Yes. We offer Brass (G metal) and nickel. Both at 20p per gram.

Do you offer a faster turnaround time for urgent orders?

Yes. Our Premier Service takes 3-5 days for existing patterns (moulds held securely at Merrell Casting HQ). We can also offer you the same day service if your order is received before 9:30 am. Extra costs will apply and vary depending on the quantity ordered. Please also be aware of busy times of the year, such as Christmas, which can result in longer wait times. For our most up-to-date schedule, get in touch with us.

What if I need a new mould? How quickly can my casting be completed?

The 3-5 day Premier Service is for existing moulds. If we are making a new mould, this will be approx. 7-10 working days for the order to be complete. Supplied waxes are turned around in a maximum of 2 working days unless you request our same day service. New pattern orders can take 10-12 working days. Contact us for further details.

Do you offer a finger sizing service in wax?

We do offer a sizing service. You will need to be clear if the size required is for a finished item or the cast item as we will size the wax accordingly.

Can you advise me on how to get the best casting finish?

We do this on a case-by-case basis. Speak to our team and we will assess your pieces, their size and the required metal to offer our expert opinion.

Do you offer a finishing service?

Yes. From de spruce to final polish. Whatever is required. Costs will vary depending on metal, size and time taken. Finishing is not offered on non-precious metals. Find out more by visiting our Finishing page.

Can you hallmark items for me?

Yes. All requested hallmarked items are stamped on the day of casting. Even same day castings will be ready to go. Pieces will feature the Hockley Mint stamp unless you have your own stamp stored here at our Assay Sub Office. This would need to be requested from Birmingham Assay Office if you are registered there. Speak to us to find out more and enquire about pricing.

What is the difference between vulcanised rubber and a cold silicone mould?

This is explained on our dedicated mould information page. Put simply, there is no shrinkage from master to mould with a cold silicone mould. Generally, shrinkage is approx. 1.5/2.0% from master to vulcanised mould, then a further 1.5% from mould to casting. There is no shrinkage from master to mould if a cold mould is used. Pink no-shrink moulds are an alternative to a cold mould if the master pattern is metal. There will always be casting shrinkage regardless of mould.

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