Precious Metals

We combine diverse and efficient alloying services with high standards and the convenience of an on-site Assay Sub-Office.

Precious Metal Alloying

By alloying all our precious metals in-house, including 9ct, 10ct, 14ct, 18ct and 22ct gold, Fairtrade gold, platinum and palladium, we can control the quality and offer our customers a guaranteed product with our personal seal of approval. Merrell Casting also specialises in custom alloys and nuanced colours that can be adapted to your specific jewellery requirements.

Gold Alloys

9ct yellow, white and rose gold

10ct yellow, white and rose gold

14ct yellow, white and rose gold

18ct yellow and rose gold

18ct white gold (14% Palladium alloy)

22ct yellow gold

Fine gold

Silver Alloys

Sterling Silver

Stain-free Silver

Britannia Silver

Plating Services

We offer a high-quality plating service to finish your castings. As with all our services, plating is done on-site to ensure utmost quality and minimal lead times for your items. Choose from gold or rhodium plating on most metals to create a luxurious edge to silver jewellery or a bright white finish on white gold.

High Quality As Standard

On-site precious metal alloying allows us to offer high quality as standard, such as 18k white gold with a high palladium content for a brighter, whiter finish.

Fairtrade Metals

Merrell Casting is a supplier of Fairtrade Gold and a Fairtrade Foundation Registered Licensee. By choosing Fairtrade Gold you can make a difference to the lives of small-scale artisanal miners and their communities by supporting a system of fair wages, healthy working environments and ethical practices. Also, through the Fairtrade Premium, miners can invest in the future of their communities and support education, medical and environmental projects.

For more information on Fairtrade Gold, please visit:

Hallmarking with our On-Site Assay Office

Since 2013, Merrell Casting has operated with an on-site Sub-Office of the Birmingham Assay Office to offer hallmarking services, authorised by the British Hallmarking Council. This benefits our customers’ lead times, reduces the movement of precious metal to different facilities and allows us to store Maker’s Marks for the many brands and designers we work with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you create a bespoke alloy based on a precious metal sample?

Yes. We can create specific shades with particular precious metal content. Send us a sample piece of metal and we can analyse its contents to make a closely matching alloy. Speak to our specialists to find out more.

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