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Since 1953, Merrell Casting has specialised in high-quality, British jewellery making, including precious metal alloying, same-day casting services and bespoke production. Our skilled team of expert craftspeople can transform a simple idea into a finished creation or mass production run with practical lead times and accessible pricing.

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Precious Metal Alloying

Gold, silver, platinum and bespoke alloys

Mould Making and Casting

High quality same-day casting

Rapid Prototyping

Concept to completion in-house

Bespoke Design

Handmade and mass production runs

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Practical Solutions for Projects Big and Small

We’ve mastered every stage of the jewellery manufacturing process and can provide practical solutions, honest advice and high-quality finishing every time.

We are as committed to one-off, bespoke designs as we are large orders, ensuring customers across the UK and Europe receive British craftsmanship they can trust.

Simply pick up the phone to speak to us about precious metal alloying, casting, finishing, rapid prototyping, computer aided design, bespoke commissions and on-site hallmarking.

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Customers choose Merrell Casting for our A-Z of services, starting with the production of bespoke precious metal alloys and concluding with meticulous finishing services. Navigate to the service that you require or contact our team to discuss an end-to-end production run.

Precious Metals



Rapid Prototyping

Bespoke Design

Same Day Casting

We are well-known for our efficient, fast and high-quality same-day casting service that’s unmatched in the UK. Speak to us about premier casting in platinum, palladium and gold, supported by our dedicated team who can offer best practice advice.

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Your British Jewellery Partner

We are based in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter and have decades of experience crafting jewellery for a range of brands and businesses, as well as precious and unusual objects for private clients.

We combine this traditional expertise with contemporary, cutting-edge technology and digital skills that allow us to bring every customer’s vision to life, from start to finish.


Our short lead times, accessible prices and reliable reputation make us one of the UK’s most trustworthy jewellery manufacturers. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your next jewellery making project. 

Let’s Create Something Together

At Merrell Casting, we can guide you to achieve the best possible results. If your question is not answered here, speak to our team today. 

Do you cast every day?

Yes, we cast most metals daily. Platinum is cast Tuesday to Friday. Same day service is offered daily on all metals except 18k red and silver. Speak to our casting department for further advice and guidance.

Do you cast in non-precious metals?

Yes. We offer Brass (G metal) and nickel. Both at 20p per gram.

Do you offer a faster turnaround time for urgent orders?

Yes. Our Premier Service takes 3-5 days for existing patterns (moulds held securely at Merrell Casting HQ). We can also offer you the same day service if your order is received before 9:30 am. Extra costs will apply and vary depending on the quantity ordered. Please also be aware of busy times of the year, such as Christmas, which can result in longer wait times. For our most up-to-date schedule, get in touch with us.

What if I need a new mould? How quickly can my casting be completed?

The 3-5 day Premier Service is for existing moulds. If we are making a new mould, this will be approx. 7-10 working days for the order to be complete. Supplied waxes are turned around in a maximum of 2 working days unless you request our same day service. New pattern orders can take 10-12 working days. Contact us for further details.

Do you offer a finger sizing service in wax?

We do offer a sizing service. You will need to be clear if the size required is for a finished item or the cast item as we will size the wax accordingly.

Can you advise me on how to get the best casting finish?

We do this on a case-by-case basis. Speak to our team and we will assess your pieces, their size and the required metal to offer our expert opinion.

Do you offer a finishing service?

Yes. From de spruce to final polish. Whatever is required. Costs will vary depending on metal, size and time taken. Finishing is not offered on non-precious metals. Find out more by visiting our Finishing page.

Can you hallmark items for me?

Yes. All requested hallmarked items are stamped on the day of casting. Even same day castings will be ready to go. Pieces will feature the Hockley Mint stamp unless you have your own stamp stored here at our Assay Sub Office. This would need to be requested from Birmingham Assay Office if you are registered there. Speak to us to find out more and enquire about pricing.

What is the difference between vulcanised rubber and a cold silicone mould?

This is explained on our dedicated mould information page. Put simply, there is no shrinkage from master to mould with a cold silicone mould. Generally, shrinkage is approx. 1.5/2.0% from master to vulcanised mould, then a further 1.5% from mould to casting. There is no shrinkage from master to mould if a cold mould is used. Pink no-shrink moulds are an alternative to a cold mould if the master pattern is metal. There will always be casting shrinkage regardless of mould.

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Simply amazing! After reviewing the entire market in detail, we took the decision to move all our casting and manufacturing to Merrell Casting. This has been one of the best business decisions we have made. They aren’t just a supplier, they are a true partner. By utilising their extensive capability (and it really is impressive!), Merrell Casting continues to help my business to grow from strength to strength. With their help, we have launched numerous new lines and are mid-launch of a completely new jewellery brand. Every single person we ever speak to has been extremely professional and very knowledgeable. This is the way all partners should be and we wouldn’t go anywhere else!

The Forge Worthing Ltd

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