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Computer Aided Design and Manufacture


Merrell Casting offer a complete bespoke design service that transforms your jewellery concept into finished product. 


Our team of skilled CAD Technicians will work with you to create your design. It is possible to modify existing designs, create a new model from your drawings or work with us to create something completely new. 


The service includes consultation and advice, CAD drawings, creation of a wax model, casting in precious metal, cleaning up and polishing, and stone setting if needed. We often make bespoke mounts to cater for unusual shapes and sizes of stones.


Along with one off design we can work with you to create a model you can use over and over again. We offer a master model service that can be used to make a vulcanised rubber mould to produce any number of your design. By doing this you can create your own exclusive range of jewellery with the option to have it beautifully finished with a short turnaround time.


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