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At Merrell we use vulcanised rubber as our standard moulding service. This is a facility perfectly suited for reproducing items such as finished jewellery or metal master models, however, the vulcanising process involves heat and pressure so we recommend any delicate items are moulded using our cold mould service.


The process of vulcanising using heat and pressure creates a mould that can be used to create thousands of wax reproductions. We keep your moulds filed in our archive so you can easily call off patterns you have prevously had moulded.


Vulcanisation begins with the sprued item to be moulded being sandwiched between layers of natural rubber within a mould frame. The rubber is then heated and pressure applied to the frame to fully surround the item and cure the rubber. When the rubber is removed from the frame the vulcanising process has made the rubber much more stable and less perishable. To remove the item and use the mould the rubber is precisely cut with a scalpel by a highly skilled mould cutter. Much care and consideration must be put into mould cutting to make sure the mould will produce high quality repoductions by wax injection.


At Merrell Casting we offer two types of moulding; Vulcanised Rubber and Cold Silicone.






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